Leader Executive Coach

She helped me in gaining confidence and take bold steps towards personal and professional self development. She also helped me to deliver values through cross functional leadership in a holistic way, integrating various strengths from various divisions to achieve buy-in and collaboration.

Her coaching has been useful to me to facilitate me in self awareness and exploring possibilities through
making a shift in focusing on strengths and desire to progress, feeling inspired and visualizing new possibilities as well as building conviction and excitement to engage with various stakeholders.

In summary, she is a great and friendly person to start with and is very quick to point out areas of concern and importance as well as guiding me towards achieving my goals. Thank you Sim Choo for being a great trainer and mentor.

Coaching Supervisor

I strongly recommend Sim-Choo as a coaching supervisor. I’ve worked with her on several occasions and every time I’ve gained additional insights about my coachees and, most importantly, about me as a coach. Sim-Choo is a great listener, is very sharp and asks the right questions. She is keen in helping me see beyond my coaching conversations to better analyse the context, the experience and the progress that the coachee is making. She is also very good at pointing out what is important to me and how can I move away from my own bias to focus on my clients. I only can say, if you are looking for a coaching supervisor, with Sim-Choo you are in very good hands!

Mountain Peak